Monday, February 20, 2012

Quiet Day

It's just one of those days, when you should be doing laundry or dishes but instead you're sitting, staring and listening to the clock tick. The kids got back from their grandparents house and immediately went outside to play with the kids in the neighborhood. I'm staring at a giant canvas that needs to be finished for the school auction, a huge tree of life. How did we end up with this? I need to keep my mouth shut. We've decided to take a break from the school next year. I'm going to travel with the kids and Michael when he can join us. Like Frances Mayes "A Year in the World", living in different places for short periods of time. Scary, exciting and oh so freeing! Schooling on the road and seeing where our adventures take us. I'll be able to do all my business online and share our stories. Moms tune in!

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