Sunday, February 19, 2012


The kids were so excited when they heard Gammy was coming to pick them up for a visit. The rules are different at Gammy and Ganpa's house! So my little "Shire-lings" are playing Wii bowling, watching T.V., staying up late and eating very differently than they do at home. I'm ok with it, I didn't use to be, but now I'm so grateful that they get to spend this time. When your kids are little, you have to work so hard to keep their little world safe that you can really lose perspective. As they've gotten older, and after losing my own grandparents, I've realized that it's good for me to let go, let them have their grandparent experience. They laugh so much when they're together and they come back in one piece. I really encourage parents to let go a little, the grandparent's need to be who they are so our children can really see them, love them and have incredible memories that will last forever. I spent so much time with mine. Didn't you?

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