Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Week!

Computers crashing, kids vomiting, do we spend this much on school? Can we spend this much on school? What's the "right" decision? I'm overloaded! Molly will be turning 9 this Thursday and wants a homemade ice cream cake, Oliver turns 11 on the last day of school next week and we're going to a Giant's game in S.F., working on end of the year gifts for teacher's and I have to plan for my cooking camps here in the Shire. June is always a little nutty but it feels nuttier than usual. I look forward to a calm mid June. Then there's the website I'm working on, very exciting! More info to come later! Today, I helped the handwork teacher dye the wool and cotton the children had worked on in Molly's class with natural plant dye's. The colors were beautiful and boy was the indigo stinky! Now my boots have the colorful memories splattered across the toes.

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