Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Faire

Last Saturday was the waldorf school's annual May Faire, so beautiful. Sun streaming through colorful rose petals that drifted around the king and queen and little children adorned with floral crowns and ribbons. Truly this is one of my favorite celebrations at the school. Each class plays a part in what amounts to a rite of passage for the eighth graders who dance around the May Pole wrapping the long satin ribbons into criss-crossing patterns. Dressed in white, skipping through the grass (usually looking not too happy about the humiliation) you're reminded how quickly it all goes by. Only four more years and it will be Oliver's turn. Then he'll be in high school! As much as these eighth graders pretend to be miserable I know for a fact that they are so sad to soon be leaving this special place and will often reflect on days spent with these amazing teachers and friends.

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