Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Faerie's Garden

The pics didn't turn out very well but I just couldn't resist putting them up!

My neighbor, Jill, comes to the back door yesterday to tell me about the faerie's that have planted a garden in the swail. Oh no, I said, what do we need to clean up? Just grab your camera she tells me. All I can picture is a lot of trash stuck in the ground and me yelling at the kids to clean it up. I walked down the path and what do my eyes spy? There, buried up to their chests, are the two younger children with Oliver, Molly and Serafina tending to them. They have planted a garden of children and the little ones are so happy to be part of the play that they don't mind being COVERED in dirt. It's actually really cute. No one is hurt, nothing to clean up (except the children) and everyone is laughing. The little plants are pulled from the ground like a radish. What a cute surprise.

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