Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rain, Green

We woke this morning to spring showers that left everything feeling more green and the red long stem roses lusciously red. Why do I want to take a bike ride when yesterday I was paralyzed on the couch? Yesterday was mostly sunny and today is grey but needing to be explored. It's the kind of weather that reminds you the heat will soon come, enjoy this last bit of relief. Not too long from now we'll be taking walks down to the swimming pool slathered in sunscreen and loaded up with snacks and drinks. I will stay active, be in these moments and enjoy. Whats happening today: check-in about Jill's little nephew (he fell from a changing table and fractured his skull), vacuum tick powder from Molly's floor (don't ask, YUCK!), Molly's baking popover's for breakfast (assist her), playdate for Oliver, tea with a sweet friend and chat about exciting possibilities, pull chicken out for Denise for dinner and most importantly be available to my dear friend Trena. Now I can't forget anything! :)

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