Sunday, April 24, 2011

Peace Prevails

The sky's are blue, the birds are singing, children play in the distance and the smell of my roses blows in through the open door. Easter is over and the kids are sufficiently sugared. The morning began with finding their baskets filled with a few goodies and plants to put into our garden. Then Michael helped hide the eggs up and down the paths with neighbors. All the children gathered teeming with excitement, running to hunt for colorful eggs. After the hunt ended we all gathered on the lawn to share a potluck brunch. I love this place. Children in hats with flowers and little dresses, one child in a bunny suit with the little cottontail, just too cute. The flowers are blooming, the people are friendly and the food was fabulous! A new baby was welcomed by eager mom's wanting to share stories and advice. Now everything has quieted down and the stillness offers an enchanted feel as little white flies float through the air like little faeries and lulls us into slumber on the couch. Happy Easter

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