Monday, April 18, 2011


The fava's have been picked, washed, shelled and peeled. These beans are too much work! It was nice to sit on the back patio with Michael and just chat while we shelled. The kids played on the green hill and neighbors worked in their yards. We worked out in the big garden yesterday, now everything is weeded and ready for summer crops. Our garlic and onions that we planted in the fall should be ready to harvest at the end of May making more room for new veggies. We have to plant things that aren't too prized as theft in the main garden is common. It's so frustrating to work so hard planting only to find gaps in your rows or a luscious tomato you were waiting on missing in action. No, even in this ideal community things aren't perfect. Considering what a lot of the world has to deal with I think that veggie theft and bike-jacking are things we can deal with.

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