Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homeschooling Charter

I'm so very excited for next year after talking to South Sutter Charter today. I get to use the Waldorf curriculum that I love AND get to pick and choose from their long vendor list for products and classes. All these extra things we haven't been able to do for so long will now be available to us. Karate, dance, horseback riding and drama are all possibilities. The violins we have had to pay for will now be covered and several tutors for music lessons are approved vendors. There's the Wholistic Learning Resources in Rancho Cordova that offers a variety of Waldorf inspired classes such as handwork, science, writing, drama, dance and Spanish. They even do a pentathlon training for the 5th graders! This year will be so enriching for all of us. Diving in!


  1. How wonderful! Wholistic Learning Resources is a great place to take classes, and the charter will pay for them. My kids loved taking watercoloring and eurythmy there (and handwork which I taught for them at the time). We enjoyed making Main Lesson books and used those as samples with our ES. You can purchase consumables at Steiner College Bookstore with South Sutter funds. :) You will love all of this!

  2. Sooo excited and happy for you and the kids! What an awesome curriculum.

  3. Thank you both! Yes, very exciting to have the financial support as well as the education we want for the kids. Soooo many options! It should be an exciting year mixed in with some fun travel for the family.