Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Balance

Too often we try too hard to do it all perfectly. We buy the perfect foods, car seats, clothing, cures, cleaners and education. There is so much pressure to be the most enlightened, organic parent and it can cause really unnecessary stress. I say, try to keep some perspective. Sometimes, when our kids are little, we just need to simplify to keep our sanity. Our children will be just fine, maybe even better, when we aren't so stressed. Ease-up on yourself and create a more joyful, relaxed environment! I do the best I can with buying organic and shopping locally but sometimes survival calls for mac and cheese with their organic greens. Sometimes we don't shop at the co-op. Sometimes they don't brush their teeth or take a bath. Sometimes they watch Sponge Bob and have lived to tell the tales! I think about how far we've swung the other way in terms of consciousness and think we can be a bit too hard on ourselves. Every generation has their thing, maybe this is ours. The perfect parent. I celebrate my imperfections, humor is the key to keeping things in balance.

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