Thursday, May 3, 2012

Very Important Tip!

If you have a child that already struggles with anxious behavior, adding a high carb diet on top of it can drive everyone to the edge. Setting the day up right by starting off the morning with a breakfast that is higher in protein will give you, your child and the poor teacher a more joyful experience! This doesn't have to mean meat, although we do eat meat, but a handful of almonds is perfect. Oliver carries a baggie with almonds to snack on throughout the day and he tells me it really helps him focus better. Try to avoid juice, cereal and breads in the morning. I just notice a huge difference! I always laugh to myself when someone says their child is taking meds for hyperactivity and they're sucking on a juice box playing video games. Unplug, reduce sugar and give the poor kid a chance! :) It CAN be that simple!

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