Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Am Not Enough?

Isn't this our worst fear as mothers, to not be enough? So the media strikes us at the core. Divide and conquer. If we want to encourage more mothers to breastfeed, then we must support one another not compete. Education and leading by example, not the confrontational, in your face, holier than though soap box routine, is what will inspire. We need to share our insecurities and frustrations. We need to be honest. Then we can be sisters and raise our children in an ever growing village of empowered women. I don't ever pretend to get it all and struggle daily with my choices as a mother. Right in this moment, my kids want a conversation and here I sit typing away. We all struggle with guilt, housekeeping, finances, discipline, not to mention our relationships with our partners. The more we can share our struggles, the more we laugh at our imperfections, the healthier our communities will become.

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