Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Honoring Kami McBride

Kami and I have floated around each other for the last several years in this small Waldorf community. She has this amazing smile and style you just want to get to know better. But, getting to know her has been a challenge. Kami's the mother of a child that requires a lot of attention. Being an herbalist, this child could not have picked a better home. Kami and her husband have worked tirelessly to help their son. They've moved not once but twice to try to find the right environment for him. Now, they can finally breathe a bit. They found the right fit with Mulberry Farm. Her son, like many children, needs to really work his body in order to be calm and focused. Unfortunately, this does not happen in most schools. More and more, this is what's going to be needed for children and instead they're being offered less and less of it and drug companies are more than happy to hand over the meds. I know Kami's journey has been painfully hard and we can go back and forth with the whole discussion about medication, but really, I just want to celebrate her for a moment. She is giving it all she's got and more! She is no shrinking violet and the courage she has should inspire us all. Oh, and somewhere in there, she happened to write a book. Cheers Kami, you can finally see sunlight through the trees. Visit Kami's herbal world and sign-up for one of her amazing classes!

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  1. Thank you Poppy for your very, very kind words.