Sunday, February 24, 2013

Creative Flow

Always, my family comes first. Whenever there's a decision to be made, I follow my heart and it leads me to them. We've chosen to homeschool this year bringing more freedom and allowing more creativity to flow in. We have flexibility to blaze our own trail. I'm now working with a very talented writer and a very talented singer to bring "Zuccotti Park" to life. I have this beautiful creative project that fits in with our family rhythm just perfectly. The kids have even been able to participate in the recording of the demos and Molly read a part at Friday nights table read. They get to see their mom as their teacher as well as a woman exploring her creative potential. I feel so fed right now. Along with learning about Ancient Rome, Greece and the mineral world I get to work on a project that has such potential to make a difference. It was just a table read and some were moved nearly to tears, many laughed and everyone was excited. "Zuccotti Park", I'm glad we met. Thank you Catherine Hurd and Vatrena King, an exciting road lies ahead.

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