Sunday, February 17, 2013

Goethe, You are Beautiful

We're begining our mineralogy block this week and once again I am moved nearly to tears by the beauty of Waldorf education. Always coming from the "whole" we will notice our own continent and surroundings to introduce the mineral world. Lassen, Yosemite, rolling hills, valleys and our beaches reveal the truth in how man has evolved with the earth. I'll be reading Goethe's essay on Granite to Oliver, I've never read nor known anything of Goethe (other than the fact that I was almost married in the Goethe Mansion in Sacramento) until now. He is beautiful, here's an excerpt:

  "Here, at this old, eternal altar built directly on the depth of creation, I bring a sacrifice to the Being of all Beings. I experience the first, firmest beginnings of our existence. I survey the world, it's rugged and softer valleys, it's distant fertile pastures. My soul is lifted above itself and above all other things; it is longing for the nearness of Heaven!"

Seek the beauty in education, you will not be disappointed.

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