Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Biome's and Monad

The biome's of the earth and the Monad principles were on our study list today. In Molly's botany studies we talk about the plants relationship to the sun and earth. Moving away from the poles, we go through the biome's meeting the equator where the jungles are hot and steamy. From there everything is reversed ending in the arctic region once again. With Oliver, we learned that the word Monad is derived from the Greek language meaning The Whole, alphanumerically adding up to 360 degrees. He's loving his compass and has already created some beautiful shapes. All of this is just so fascinating! We read about things, write about them in the books, they illustrate them so beautifully and we end with some math review. This is how it looks so far! Next week I think I'll add a vocabulary test for each subject that they're working on. Not too bad today!

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