Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where We Give Up Our Power

I did it again! I chose to take the kids out of school next year for a new adventure, not to just replace what we have! This is how it happens, you're standing there doing the dishes, and your mind begins to swim through every opinion you've ever heard. Then, you actually believe you're basing your choices on your own ideas. Not true! I started to feel heavier and uninspired until I realized, that was not my plan! I was giving my power away to outside sources and losing touch with my inner compass. It sneaks up on you. The minute I realized what I had done, I actually found myself smiling and standing up straighter. Relieved, I was back where my body knew it was supposed to be. Trusting ourselves, it's like working a muscle. Where do you give away your power as a mother? Practice separating outside opinions from what's real for you. You'll notice a difference immediately. Your body will respond to your truth.

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