Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Food Co-Op!

This is what I love about sharing! One of my friends asked about homemade baby food and how to store it. I have NO idea, never did it. Then my mom read the exchange and called to tell me about the moms support circle she created when I was little. She and about 4 other mom's would each make some type of baby food and then they would do an exchange! A baby food co-op, what an awesome idea! Instead of looking at other mom's/women as competition, which I just read recently on Facebook, here's a perfect example of how we can support each other. For any new mommies, I think this is just a fabulous idea! Love tapping back into my Santa Cruz Mountains, hippie roots for that magic of strong female community. Thanks Mom/Bet (never have called her mom, part of that crazy time!)

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