Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harvesting Potatoes and Fairy Slippers

What a busy time it's been! I've just finished up a week of cooking camp for the children in the Shire and oh, all the yummy things we made! On Friday we picked cherries, mulberries and blackberries to bake with a sweet, crumbly topping and shook ice cream in individual bags with their choice of extract to flavor. It was such a fun day. I also had them harvest garlic from the big garden that is now drying on the kitchen counter. This morning I went to the garden with Denise to harvest our potatoes. We dug our hands deep into the mud feeling around for the buried treasures. We filled our bucket with purple, yukon and little red potatoes for breakfast and dinner. They were delicious with our onions and garlic! Michael is washing the remainder of our swiss chard that we just pulled out to give more room to the tomatoes and we'll put it in our breakfast eggs tomorrow. The sunflowers are beginning to tower, the eggplant is blossoming and tiny tomatoes are forming. The evening felt cool and damp from the freshly watered soil as we pulled little weeds and rearranged vines. Molly came home from her aunties house with tiny felt slippers she had sewn with beautiful little beads stitched to them to leave in the garden. She says the fairy's can wear them to dance in the evening if they're left on a leaf. There they sit under a pepper plant next to a ripening strawberry. Our garden is full of magic tonight.

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