Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aging with Grace

Who know's how long it will last, maybe always, maybe I'll dye it again in the next week. I'm growing accustomed to my grey hair and actually kinda liking it. Going on 40, it feels so good to be ok with where I am. I don't need to compete with the college girls in town (as if I could), I can be right where I am. It's not a forced feeling either, I'm really diggin' it. That's not to say that I won't want to mix things up and pick a new color, I love change, it's who I am. I've never been satisfied by stagnation. But, to actually be at a place where I completely love where I am in the aging process is tear inducing. My kids can see their mom loving and confident in her life, this is good. Now, must work in some yoga and exercise. The pounds are creeping back with all the Fall comfort foods! Love to you mama's! Poppy Peach

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