Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Welcome Back to Zuccotti Park

This is the project I'm currently working on. I wasn't involved in the Occupy Movement at all, so the fact that this play has moved me so much is a testament to the writing skills of Catherine Hurd and the musical talents of the composer Vatrena King. Here's the post on Facebook. Please come over and "like" the page to help support us in getting it to the stage!

Zuccotti Park the Musical dramatizes the beginnings of the Occupy Movement and provides an entertaining education of how money works. WE are not liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. WE ARE THE 99%! ZUCCOTTI PARK is OUR story.
Written by Catherine Hurd with music by Vatrena King, Zuccotti Park the Musical investigates, informs and moves us through the experiences and backstories of the Occupy protesters. It answers the question, "Why are you protesting?", and keeps alive the flame of Occupy's message for those who participated in the movement, for those who supported the movement, and for those who were confused and questioning and knew about the movement only through the biased prism of mainstream media. This play is extremely moving and at times funny as we follow the protesters, and also follow the money trail. 

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