Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maple Candy!

A light mist was hanging above the communal garden this morning; crows were everywhere. I was careful under the pecan trees so not to be hit on the head by falling husks or the nut itself. The trees are begining to flame and the Shire is once again glowing with color. Turnips are tall and greens are luscious, perfect for hot soup. Molly's been studying Canada so we made some maple candy today! Hot  and bubbly, sweet and smokey was the sap of the tree. The kids helped stir and check the temperature as we watched the color and consistency change. I love to cook for science! Check the recipe section!
Oliver stirring the hot, bubbly sweetness!
Molly's turn with her beautiful apron.
Thick and creamy

No candy mold so we made do

This is so easy, just a little pricey! 

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