Monday, December 5, 2011

Speaking Up

Speaking Up

I'm so excited! I had the opportunity to speak this morning at our school about simplifying for the holidays and though I was nervous, it was such an amazing experience for me to look out at all those faces really hanging on to each word. I actually felt a lot more comfortable than I expected. I wanted to evoke an image for the parents of what it looked, felt and smelled like in the home when the chaos of electronics and over scheduling is removed. I asked them to remember back to when they were small, to remember their favorite memories before all these things took over. In my image of a day without a cell phone, computer, television etc., a pot of soup is cooking on the stove, holiday music is playing at a low volume, a fire is crackling, candles are lit and crafts are laid out for the children to create. I asked these parents to dedicate one day during the season to create this sacred space and give their children their presence. I told them the world would not implode for that one day if they take the phone from their ear and avoid their emails. I said it they thinks it's too hard, consider this: (ironically a movie quote!) "We have a few special years with our children when they're the ones who want us around. After that you're going to be running after them for a bit of attention. It's so fast. It's a few years and it's over. And you're not being careful. And you're missing it." I was so excited by their response, people actually were crying! It was a really beautiful moment for me. I realized I do have something to say. And people do want to hear it. I am feeling very empowered and will take on more of these opportunities in the future.

poppy, you already know this made me break into bits, sobbing like i had no business doing, but i wanted everyone else to know it. poppy is a source of parenting magic that's come from a mix of intuition & hard knocks. her commitment to stay awake to her family is a wellspring that will save the lives of others, mark my words.

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