Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't Take Away My T.V.!

Why do people get defensive about their electronics? It's so funny to me, that there is such a need to protect their "right" to television. As if it's so black and white (no pun intended!). It doesn't have to be such a cut and dry decision! What about a little balance in a world where we are so inundated with horrible images, not excluding the Kardashian klan. We absolutely live in an electronic age and it is incredible what we can accomplish in such amazing time. I love my laptop and my cell phone but I also like to take breaks. For my kids, I choose not to have a T.V. in my living room. Consequently, my kids actually play outside, read books or drive me crazy and I'm glad. Yes, they watch movies and they know who Sponge Bob is, as if that will enable them to be in the "real world". They are not in a bubble, we just try to create a balance for them. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes on a regular basis. The goal, for me, is not perfection, it's consciousness. I want to be able to recognize when things are too out of balance. I want to be able to "hear" what's needed for my family. The best way, I have found, is to pull them a little closer at times and shut the world, and it's opinions, out for a while. Really be in my role as their mother. We often depend too much on the outside to do our work of parenting for us. Ultimately, it is our job! Take it up with pride and love. You have the power to filter the media influence. This is the path you can choose for your family, balance. Sending my love and support to all the mothers and fathers out there doing their best to put conscious human beings on our planet! It's no small task.

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