Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here I am!

I have not touched this blog in such a long time. Busy with so many exciting things! I'm working with my friend Vatrena King and we have two "Gratitude" concerts coming up in December! The theme of gratitude has really helped me check-in with myself daily on things that I appreciate in the world and my life. Right now, I'm grateful for those beautiful orange persimmons dangling outside my window beckoning me to pick them for some comforting bourbon nut bread. My aunt Denise has been hard at work in the garden planting beets and garlic. I got my hands dirty with her last weekend to get the little onions in. Sadly, I've been so busy that Michael and I didn't get any greens in our little spot here by the house. I wonder if they would do ok going in now?

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