Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The kids are at summer camp here in the Shire during the hottest week and having a blast. The guy that runs it every year is saving for another trip to Tibet and getting there one water balloon fight at a time. I walked barefoot through my garden this morning to find more tomatoes, peppers and even a baby cantaloupe growing in this intense heat and moisture. Molly brought back a HUGE zucchini from the large garden that someone put out for the taking. I think I'll shred it for fritters! The Shire is full of bounty and boxes sit under fruit trees with signs to help ourselves. A bag of plums sits in the fridge, so juicy they have split and sit in their sweet syrup. During the hot day the kids eat sip them from their pits and the cold juice runs down their arms. Happy summer to all!

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