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If you've come to a place, a fork in your path... to turn left or right? You're not sure which path is the "right" one. You feel caught in the current and are letting it carry you in directions that don't feel authentic or right for you. The pressures to make the "right" decisions for our children can leave us feeling disempowered. If you are needing support in sifting through the, pardon my French, bullshit, and finding trust in your process, I can help. I've made the rounds and am about to embark on another adventure, finding and creating new paths that feel right for my family. I can share the wisdom I've gained through my personal experiences and help you to step up and into the life you are choosing. Share your story with me and we'll uncover your truth together. You already know what is right, sometimes we just need to sweep away the leaves. We can set up a Discovery session free of charge. Discovery sessions are for 30 minutes and it gives me a general idea of where you are in your process. Once I know a little more about you and your story, we can book a 1 hour session together. These sessions are normally $50 but in the interest of helping as many mothers as possible, I would like to offer you the flexibility of being able to pay what feels good for you and your family. You can find me on Facebook under Moms Support Circle or email me at I would love to talk to you!